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Our drawrope is constructed from durable 3-strand polypropylene, making them weather-resistant, lightweight, and easy to handle. They are supplied on a convenient wooden drum for effortless deployment and retrieval. Supplied in 6mm x 500m on a wooden drum. Our drawrope comes in two options to suit your specific needs: Heavy Duty: With a 6.5kN breaking strength and 6mm diameter, this drawrope is ideal for demanding tasks and heavy cabling work Standard Duty: With a 4.5kN - 5.5kN breaking strength and 5mm diameter, this drawrope offers reliable performance for general cabling and lighter applications.


Product Benefits

Strength and Reliability
Durable Construction
Easy Deployment and Retrieval

Technical Specifications

Breaking Strength - 5kN~6.5kN
Diameter - 5mm/6mm
Length - 500m
Material - 3 Strand polypropylene
Supplied with wooden drum
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  • Name
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