F&W Networks case study

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April 11, 2024

F&W Networks case study

In May 2023, Alt-Net F&W Networks announced that they passed the 335,000 homes mark and are on course to reach a million homes by the end of 2025 by adding 6,000 premises a week. This remarkable growth would not have been possible without the support of their trusted partner, Cable&Things.

Before teaming up with C&T, F&W Networks encountered several obstacles that hindered their progress. The cost of materials was exorbitant, resulting in unmanageable build costs. Lead times were long and unreliable, leading to delays and customer dissatisfaction. F&W Networks recognised the urgent need for a reliable and cost-effective solution that would allow them to expand their network without compromising on quality.

Recognising the challenges F&W Networks faced, C&T stepped in as a strategic partner, revolutionising their operations and providing them with a competitive edge. C&T's expertise and forward-thinking approach enabled F&W Networks to plan ahead effectively, ensuring timely stock availability at favourable prices. By streamlining the supply chain and optimising procurement processes, C&T provided the platform for F&W to achieve their targets.

The collaboration between F&W Networks and C&T has yielded remarkable results. F&W Networks awarded the tender to C&T for two consecutive years, solidifying their successful partnership. The impact on the financials has been significant, with savings amounting to an impressive £454,125. Notably, a savings of £0.35 per meter was achieved on all cable purchases compared to previous suppliers, contributing to F&W Networks' ability to offer competitive prices to their customers.

For all you nerds out there, below are the contracts details

Tender Launched: October 2022

Tender Awarded: One year supply commitment from November 2022- 2023

Type: FTTP rollout across Southern England to 100,000 Homes.

Scope: Cables,Fibre Optic Splicing Boxes, Splitters and FTTP accessories

Contract award value :

£833,261 Fibre Optic Cable

£156,975 Fibre Optic Splicing Boxes

£352,120 Fibre Optic Accessories

Number of items supplied:

1,288,900 meters of Fibre Optic Cable

7,147 Fibre Optic Splicing Boxes

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