Digital Infrastructure case study

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April 11, 2024

Digital Infrastructure case study

Alfie, a leading Technical Assurance Expert at Digital Infrastructure, faced significant frustration and dissatisfaction due to the subpar quality of boxes, splitters, and other accessories. This resulted in extended working hours and frequently missed deadlines. Seeking a solution to their supply chain challenges, Alfie and DI’s Procurement Manager, Paul, turned to Cable&Things, a renowned provider of reliable connectivity materials.

Digital Infrastructure experienced numerous setbacks due to the poor quality of the connectivity materials they were using. These issues not only impacted the efficiency of their operations but also led to missed deadlines, causing frustration and dissatisfaction among both team members and customers. Recognising the urgent need for a reliable supplier, Alfie and Paul sought out C&T for assistance.

With their extensive supply chain network and exclusive Tier 1 Distributor Status with four of the largest Cable Manufacturers in the industry, C&T proved to be the ideal partner for Digital Infrastructure. Alfie and Paul promptly reached out to C&T, providing them with datasheets outlining their specific requirements. In an impressive display of efficiency, C&T responded within 24 hours with an alternative supplier who could supply competitively priced high-quality material quickly and consistently.

In the 2022/2023 tender, C&T saved Digital Infrastructure an estimated £1,000,000 on connectivity materials compared to major UK suppliers such as Comtec, Hexatronic, or Prysmian. This substantial cost reduction significantly contributed to the financial success and competitiveness of Digital Infrastructure. Notably, these savings are expected to increase even further in the current tender.

Testimonial from Charlie Ruddy -

‘Mo has built something great here that has a little bit of that special sauce. At Digital Infrastructure we focused on building a network of strong partners based on trust, scalability and with people that are interested in doing the right thing. We found these qualities in Mo and in his team at Cable & Things and we're delighted to have supported them in growing their business over the last 3 years and into the future. They are amongst our top 20 suppliers for reliability and value add.’

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