The C&T Solution for Customer Take-Up and Retention!

April 26, 2024

Alt-Nets have been hearing a common refrain across the country - "Build, build, build!" Building networks is undoubtedly essential, but there's now a growing emphasis on customer take-up and retention. Alt-Nets are beginning to wonder if perhaps the "build" itself is the problem.

The Challenge:

In the race to expand and establish their networks, Alt-Nets have invested significant time and resources in building the physical infrastructure. However, building a network is just one part of the equation. The real challenge arises when it comes to customer take-up and, more importantly, retention.

Our Solution:

At Cable&things (C&T), we understand the shifting focus in the Alt-Net industry. It's no longer just about constructing networks; it's about creating networks that customers want to join and stay connected to.

Our commitment to Alt-Nets is clear - we provide high-quality, PIA-approved cable solutions that directly contribute to higher customer retention and take-up rates. We recognise that the value of a network isn't solely in its physical presence; it's in the services it offers, the quality it delivers, and the experiences it provides.

By partnering with C&T, Alt-Nets gain access to materials that can help them build networks worth paying for. Our focus on high-quality cable ensures that the network performs optimally and delivers reliable services to customers.

In this era where customer take-up and retention are paramount, C&T is your ally in the journey. We offer solutions that go beyond building the network; we empower Alt-Nets to build networks that customers embrace and continue to be a part of.

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